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Kitesurfing in Paradise - Somewhere in the Med

Our instructors are currently enjoying a catarman trip in the Mediterranean, exploring hidden spots for both kite and wing foiling.

The trip is currently based on an island near Mykonos where the wind has been blowing everyday! The crew is a mixture of wing foilers and kitesurfers, pushing each other to progress in both domains.

Seabreeze Kiteclub will offer simialr excursions from Siargao, offering Wing Foil, Kite and SUP equipment and lessons. Boat tours and sailing trips like these are really a lifetime experience, allowing you to do the sports you love in unique and private feeling spots, that usually you wouldn't be able to find.

Having a well-bonded crew, with the right know-how and knowledge is super important. Conditions are also a big factor when planning and conducting such a trip so its important to plan well and choose your destinations wisely; a good crew should do this for you ;).

If all of these elements are taken care of, you'll be in for an epic journey full of new, exciting and unforgettable experiences.

If you have any questions about such trips, don't hesitate to send us a message and simply enquire about anything that's on your mind. For now, enjoying watching the videos from this post.

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