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Whilst our island - Siargao - has more than enough beauty and entertainment to keep you going, who doesn't like to keep exploring? Join us for secret excursions and trips to neighbouring islands and enjoy empty beaches for kiting, wing foiling, and breaks made just for you.


Kite and Foil Tours

Join us for our kite and wing tours, where we will take you to sublime locations from Siargao Island, letting you kitesurf and wing foil in these beautiful destinations. 

Our tour guides will take you there via our private boat, lunch will be provided and you'll be able to shred in crystal clear lagoons, with no-one around. Our instructors will be on-hand to help you progress or to even give you a lesson whilst we are there - the fun never stops!

Secret Surfing Camps

Our local surfers don't just know the best breaks, they know the best empty breaks. Come with us to secret islands and surf in some of the most idyllic line-ups, with a small group. 

We will spend most of the day there, taking a break for lunch and returning with the sunset after a day on the water. Our guides will be able to give lessons and also help you progress your level, to give a little extra to the experience. 

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