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Siargao Island,


Seabreeze Kiteclub

Cosama Hotel, General Luna (currently under construction)

Our kiteschool is located in what will be, the newly built Cosama Apartments and Hotel. 

Located beachfront on General Luna lagoon, we trip onto the spot from our office view. Onsite we will have a restaurant and bar working daily, with occasional cocktail and mediterranean take overs from yours truly. 

Apartments and rooms are available at the hotel, including additional rooms elsewhere in GL. 


Our Kiteschool

Cosama Hotel, General Luna (currently under construction)

Our location has changed slightly; we are still located on the same beach, in the same lagoon, doing the thing we love - kitesurfing.

We have built a new kiteschool with new equipment, come passby and see for yourself!


Getting Here...

Siargao Island is located in the far South East of the Philippines archipelago. 

The island is reachable via plane and boat. There are flights running from either airport on the main island or you can reach Siargao from Cebu International Airport. 

The ferry is also taken from the main island (Luzon) and Cebu, and is most definitely the cheaper option. Lasting longer in duration of course, this scenic route provides a unique tour of the islands by night. 


Our location

Our kiteschool is located at Cosama Hotel and Apartments in General Luna. These are currently under construction however, if you find the beach baby cafe and head down the passage, you will find us at the end.

If you have any difficulties or questions on how to exactly arrive please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

You can contact us around the clock using our email address, Whatsapp or via our Instagram page :)

Getting Here
Info our location
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