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Siargao Island

Siargao Island is located in the far South East of the Philippines archipelago. The island is also named Isla de las Palmas; from its lush and prolific count of palm trees covering the island. 

Whilst we enjoy kitesurfing, wing foiling, surfing and the like, there's a lot more to the island than just its watersports. 


Feel free to ask us for any advice on things to do.  

Beaches, beaches and more beaches...

The island of Siargao has been blessed - much like the rest of the Philippines - with white sandy beaches, protected by coral reefs, providing clear, safe and warm waters. There is plenty of wildlife to be seen and heard, and plenty of sand to enjoy beach sports or to simply put your towel down and relax. 

For more info contact us or follow us @seabreezekiteclub on Instagram.


The Scenery...

Siargao never seems to let you down, whether it be a sunrise or sunset, or just taking a walk down the beach, there is always something to make your jaw drop and lose your breathe for a second or two.


One thing you will definitely leave with from Siargao is an experience of a lifetime. If you let it, the island will have its way with you, putting your seat in full recline for moments of relaxation, before kicking you into top speed for its nightlife and activities...its not to be missed!

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